Thursday, 4 July 2013

Post #10 Chemainus town photos –saying farewell on a quiet Monday night, trip home

I repost the photo of this large mural, by Paul Ygartua in Chemainus, B.C. It is striking, amazing, and demonstrates the character of the Salish people who have fought the elements, harnessed the land with respect, challenged wind and rain, and carved out an amazing culture, on British Columbia's Vancouver Island.

After making it from Ottawa to Vancouver, to Nanaimo, driving to our hotel in Chemainus.
After visiting Duncan, an initial tour around the town, and a wonderful theatre experience, we had an early dinner Saturday night. Sunday, we toured, and Monday we went to Salt Spring Island.
Post #4 Next, we went to Duncan: Totem Poles
The town has many sculptures, as well as murals. The tourist centre and the play structure are fun for young and old.

The Young

The old! 
The sign says, "We passed many Indian villages
on our way down the coast. The Indian people and their art
touched me deeply" ~Emily Carr 
Lots exploited its resources,
like H.R. MacMillan (1885-1967)!
Quirky pieces!

Talented carvers
Then there is the topiary!
More topiary, gardens under construction

Chemainus Harbour Ferry

We took a brief trip to Fuller Lake, just west of Chemainus.
Fuller Lake
It was joyful to celebrate all that is Canada, just a week before Canada Day, July 1st, by traveling to this unique part of our nation. Tuesday morning we popped onto the Nanaimo Jazz flight over to Vancouver and caught a flight to Ottawa and home. A good place to be!

The airport was a busy spot, with many doing the work required to keep it running smoothly.
Here is where the good jobs are: welding, a marketable trade profession.

It was a fabulous mother/daughter trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I could never travel with my mother, she had several health issues. This was such a treat.
Here we are: a selfie with Caitlin's camera!

 We flew back over flood-ravaged Alberta.

I managed a bad photo of Lake Superior, with Isle Royale, across the lap of the woman beside me who slept. Flying standby, Caitlin and I didn't sit together!

Also, we spotted Perth and the Rideau from the air.

There were souvenir 'Close Eyes' for all. Dorah was pleased that I brought her home a bag that matched my Native-created t-shirt. 

Not only is she on the dining room table...
but she is bagged.


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your visual tour of your trip. Thanks so much for sharing and bringing back lots of memories and causing me to look over all our photos of trips out there.

eileeninmd said...

Wow, what a great trip. The topiary and carvings are wonderful. I enjoyed all the photos! Great post, have a happy day!

Powell River Books said...

Glad you had such a nice trip, and the weather was pretty cooperative. Would have been nice to meet face-to-face, but we were out of time while you were on the Island anyway. Maybe another time it will work out. - Margy

Joyful said...

Looks like you had a big trip and went to many places that most people don't seem to get to. Glad you enjoyed the trip out west ;-)