Thursday, 27 June 2013

Post #2 Tour around Chemainus

Farms, with the mountains in the background
More about the murals later!
Here are my photos from the town of Chemainus. We stayed there to visit my son, performing in the Chemainus Theatre production of Singin' in the Rain. A delightful town snuggled into the mountain valley. It is on the east shore of Vancouver Island. The geography is amazing. It lies between the ocean and a mountain range. There is a river that runs between, as well, with its major highway (TransCanada #1) zipping nearby, taking you to Victoria to the south, or Nainamo and Campbell River, to the north. My younger brother lives in Campbell River. It was all very convenient. More about that later!

The major industries harvested the land's riches: forestry, fish, and mining. Workers moved in to support the industries after settlement in 1858. Originally, the area supported aboriginal peoples, and the new settlers moved in. As the logging industry needed more hands, they brought in Chinese "bull gangs", to move the wood. The TransCanada railroad required workers. Next to arrive were Japanese seeking work, and east Indians, to work on the fishing boats and the huge demands of logging. It is a town of many peoples. Having grown up in multicultural Toronto, I felt at home!
Horseshoe Bay Inn -est. 1892!
First, the sights of town.

Then, there was an amazing front 'lawn' with topiary of all kinds: Disney Land critters, goose, play house.
We drove up to suburbia - wonderful views!

Property owners up on the hill
share the land with 4-footed ones!
A wee fawn took off
She just looked at us, rather casually!

If you look closely, you can see the wire cages
on top of the flowers to discourage the deer!
Clever ways to discourage deer!
Anything to keep the deer from nibbling!
Notice the high fences!


Bill Nicholls said...

Thought the place looked a little like the UK but at least the deer here say out of town.

Joe Todd said...

Neat trip. so much to see so little time LOL

Anonymous said...

what lovely shots and the scenery is delightful.

W. Latane Barton said...

Beautiful little village, and I bet the play was spectacular!

Red said...

It's a completely different atmosphere on the island and a little slower pace of life. On top of all that it's beautiful.

Christine said...

welcome back Jenn! Lovely photos.

Powell River Books said...

I'd hate to contend with deer, woodrats and geese are a challenge enough for me. - Margy