Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Post #1Caitlin and I went to British Columbia for the weekend!

We did! An amazing trip. Jesse, my son, is appearing in Singin' in the Rain, in Chemainus' theatre production. Our respective hubbies stayed home with kids or cats!

Here is post #1!
What a flight!
We flew standby on a direct flight from Ottawa to B.C.'s YVR Vancouver airport. Once in YVR, we had to hop onto a smaller plane to Nanaimo. It was a full flight, and we watched one plane leave without us. Jason Priestly, however, got on the flight! (Caitlin spotted him!)
Along the way, I took photos of the flooding in Alberta. The rivers were swollen with recent rains.
The geography of Alberta is interesting. On the west are the mountains, then, as one moves east, the flat prairies. Of course, the rain and snow melt water drains from the mountains onto the flat prairie. It helped me to take photos of the airline map as we moved west. The mountains were amazing, sticking up dark black, covered in white snow, surrounded in brilliant white cloud. I had a window seat, and managed some fun shots through the double window. It was -50 degrees or so, 35,000' up.
The oxbow rivers are intriguing, resulting in beautiful patterns from the air, as well as the circular irrigation field patterns. Caitlin (being a hydrogeologist) is familiar with air photos. I remember doing that in grade 11 geography (1972?), and have forgotten most of what I knew!
It was much fun reporting our progress. Neither of us have cell phones. Caitlin would text with her iPod as we moved from YVR to YCD. It is convenient to know the airport codes!

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Looks like a wonderful trip!