Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Everyone needs a great place to sleep!

Buster sleeps on my side of the bed. Dorah, at 10 months, is nearly his 2-year-old size! Bed is a place for wash-ups, too. He's good to his younger sisters.

The kittens like the caterpillar. Sometimes...

Sometimes they have the dining room table, despite the water spray bottle. It doesn't deter them, but means I don't have to yell at them! By the time I got the camera, Daisy joined comfy Dorah on a rainy day. Notice how much smaller twin sister Daisy is compared to Dorah.

Sadie has a new nest, too. (Don't tell her –hubby bought it at a dog accessory store!) Younger brother, Buster, harasses her to play. She just ain't buyin' it! The queen doesn't deign to play with Buster.

Then there are the Phoebe chicks. They have nested in the shed on a shelf, which is typical.
Look closely...
I think there are 4 of them
from 5 eggs
The one has her head on her sibling!


Anonymous said...

Delightful photos! Makes me wish I had a cat. Trouble is, who would take care of it when I am traveling? Lol.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I love your cats, Jenn. I don't often see photos of Sadie. And I never realized Dorah is so much bigger than Daisy. Wow.
I finally got Dick to phone the veterinarian about something for Lindy's trip to BC, where there are fleas and ticks. Now I have to get him to go to the vet hospital to buy the stuff (it goes on her shoulders).

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

They're so sweet; I'm surprised about the different sizes of the twins, hadn't realized it before. It's so great to have those baby birds to watch.

Judy said...

Considering the twins are the same age, and from the same litter, that is a huge difference in size!!!