Saturday, 22 June 2013

Eastern Phoebe hatchlings: a photo story of their development

This is the last photo I have of our chicks. During the night, something tore down the nest. I'm thinking raccoon, as it is a slippery ledge. I hope our four survived.
They hatched in May.
Their feathers are starting to form. Such a miracle of life.
I count 4 chicks from 5 eggs, but stay tuned.
June 9th
June 8th
June 7th 

June 5, 8 a.m. –They now have the beginnings of feathers.

June 1st – HUNGRY!!!!

Still cooking May 25
June 4th they hatched –just fuzz balls
June 4th - just fuzz ball in a nest on a ledge
So tiny!
First egg –May 12th
Nest started May 5th –typically on a ledge.       Mama and papa are tireless building the nest

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