Sunday 23 June 2013

Who cooks for you? – What a hoot!

Who cooks for you from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
You can hear them in my brief video, if you are so inclined! It starts with me videotaping Buster and Daisy having a play.

Hubby was out fetching a salad for dinner.
Me an' Buster an' Daisy went walkies whilst waiting. I'd spent the day digging out my goldfish pond, trying to repair the leaks. (A real time waster, and back-breaking work. Fodder for another post.)

I was looking for a yellow butterfly that keeps eluding me. Ironically, hubby out hunting dinner and I heard the Barred owls hooting in my forest. Their call, 'Who cooks for you?' was a hoot! They answered one another. All I could see was wings as they flew away. Daisy was roaring up a tree and it must have spooked them.

This is what the Barred owl looks like. There are more photos here. Usually I hear them at night. They were out hunting in our forest. I often find feathers during my walks.
I put its body in the forest, and the coyotes or wolf disposed of it for me. The wings were intact and I donated them to the Foley Mountain Conservation education program.
We found this owl beside the highway in January
Beautiful creatures

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