Sunday, 5 May 2013

Peregrine falcon webcam at U of C!

Webcam of peregrine falcons nesting at the University of Calgary. First sighting of 2013 made by Irene W. March 25th (?) - one sitting on old library sign. Two adults now back - male still to be i.d.'d. 'Callie' has been identified as our resident female again.. First egg laid April 16th at 12:00 pm (MST) thanks to 'lotus' &/or 'neener' (reg. loyal chatters) for spotting it. 2nd egg laid on Apr. 18 - 7:50pm - thanks to 'Kelowna lurker', who reported in. 3rd egg laid on Apr. 21 - 6:00am - thanks to 'bnnyo' for catching it. As of Apr. 23rd. we had 4 eggs. Thanks, 'neener' for latest egg update. For more info, pls. access home page link.

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