Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another glorious day in the wetland

We did walkies, despite the cool temperatures, and the hordes of mosquitoes. I inhaled a couple, they were so bad.
Dear old Daisy jumped on my back while I was examining critters in the pond. Sitting there, she began swatting at the mosquitoes around my head! Unfortunately, she jumped onto my back later whilst I was hunched over about 3' into the swamp. If I stood up she'd fall into the bog. I had to balance my net, camera, then grab her from behind before standing. What a cat!

Cherry tree looks beautiful.
Check out Buster in the branches...
Meantime, the first lilac buds are open. Buster is checking out chickadees in the cherry tree. Last year the drought killed off most of the cherries.
Buster and Dorah were busy, and couldn't take a walk with us. He appeared when we returned from the wetland.

Daisy and I found a new wetland water bug
White violets, bleeding heart
in the rock garden

Daisy insists she can
help phoebe in the shed.
Phoebe in the shed has laid one egg!

weird little swimming bug with legs
Another plant: poison ivy!
You can see the groupings of 3 leaves,
all along the long vine.

She is a good swatter!

poisonous Marsh Marigold
garden Iris in bloom!

Buster & Daisy

What a pair!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You are pretty agile. I used to have a cat that would jump my back also. Hard to deal with especially when they start hanging on with their claws.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post, love the blossoms and flowers. And the cute kitty. Have a happy Mother's Day!