Sunday, 12 May 2013

4 cats in a row

4 cats in a row from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
There was mutiny in the house. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or, at least a quick call to the SPCA... we were out of dry cat food. I've put out two cans of wet food, and that is gone. Grumpy Buster. Too wet to go out hunting for his own food!
Thankfully, hubby fetched some from the vet.
Sadie, on the left, the queen, has allergies and can only eat hypoallergenic food. Twice she's stolen ham from hubby's sandwish, and dragged it to her bowl. The others eat anything they can find, including frozen muffins, scones, leftovers.
With nary a thank you, they chowed down. The audio is a hoot!

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DeniseinVA said...

Very cute, I loved this video.