Friday, 26 April 2013

Violations related to the illegal use of a pesticide

Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. Ordered to Pay $500,000 for Federal Fisheries Act Violations

ST. STEPHEN, N.B. – April 26, 2013 – On April 26th, Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. pleaded guilty and was sentenced in St. Stephen Provincial Court for violations of the Fisheries Act. The violations related to the illegal use of a pesticide resulting in lobster kills in the nearby waters of southwestern New Brunswick.
The court ordered Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. to pay a total of $500,000 one of the largest and most significant penalties ever levied in Canada under the Fisheries Act. $50,000 of the penalty will be directed to the Environmental Damages Fund, another $250,000 will be directed towards scholarships, another $100,000 will be directed in support of environmental studies and research projects, and the remaining $100,000 is the court fine.

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