Thursday, 25 April 2013

Flooding in Central East Ontario: Videos

There are many! It is intriguing how we have access to many more visual aids than in the past.
It used to be local TV stations who covered such tragedies. No one else heard much about it.
I remember when there was much more local coverage of Muskoka cottage country, with a Global Barrie TV station. As they reduced local coverage, national and international news stories had much more coverage. A shame, since CBC is taking the Canadian out of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. We hear much more about news from other countries.

When we were 10 days without power during Ice Storm '98, we had no power to watch TV coverage!
With the flooding in Ontario, many are looking for information on their cottages.
Many are watching docks and Muskoka chairs float by...

What is amazing to remember is that Muskoka is cared for by many volunteer firefighters.
And Muskoka Lakes has the highest number of female volunteers in the province!
TVCogeco has given some coverage to Huntsville. Bracebridge Falls has a very powerful flow, up over the top by last weekend. Suzanne Martineau, a realtor, Bracebridge Falls Minden Flooding by Richard Bradley Bancroft Flooding from Eagles Nest Lookout

Burnt River Flooding video (embedding disabled)


Red said...

This is a real mess. I gather it's not in your area.

Jenn Jilks said...

It is in Central Ontario, Red. We cottaged there for 50 years and lived there the last 4 of those years. My heart, and my parents gravesite is in Muskoka. Terrible flooding on the rivers.

Unknown said...

The damage is unbelievable. Fortunately my trailer was about 1 foot above the water before it started to recede. Many of my friends were not so lucky.
The clip of the muskoka chairs on the deck really struck a chord with me. It looked so sad.