Sunday, 7 April 2013

RBC is outsourcing its IT work to India-based iGate Corp.

Just when I wonder what I might rant about today, I just have to read the news.
With RBC making profits something like $5 billion per year, I have to talk to an overseas worker because they have plans to outsource to India. It is time for us to change banks.

How many of us have attempted to talk to a foreign support person whilst getting help for some service they no longer offer in person? India needs to find work for its own citizens. I cannot stand trying to get help from someone who cannot speak standard English. Accents for those who are hard of hearing are very difficult. This won't help the Boomer Tsunami.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have been unsuccessful getting support because this foreigner doesn't understand anymore than his script. I tried this doing my taxes on line with Turbo Tax last year. He didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I had one piece of paper that didn't fit into the framework. He didn't understand Canada, or tax culture.

And they are firing Canadian workers. These are workers, like myself, in their 50s and 60s who will not find work at their age. We, in this generation, are unemployable.
What further infuriates the workers, and rightly so, is that they are training these people who are going to replace them.

What further angers me is that many countries do not treat its workers very well. Many are exploited in countries where people are desperate for jobs. They are poorly paid. They are not given benefits that Canadian employees enjoy. They put them on 24/7 shifts in order to meet the needs of overseas contracts. I am prepared to pay to get good service. Many of us are of the same mind.

Dozens of employees at Canada's largest bank are losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers, who are in Canada taking over the work in their department. The foreign workers who are taking over the RBC work in Toronto are employed by a multinational outsourcing firm from India – iGATE Corp. – which has a contract with the bank to provide IT services.

Child Labor India

Poor children in India begin working at a very young and tender age. ... Children are often exploited and deprived of their rights in India, and until further


Anonymous said...

Our first comment on the RBC news was ... the clients should all remove/transfer their money.

Jenn Jilks said...

Exactly, Linda. Have to do research first! Who knows what the others are doing!

Red said...

This one has g0ne a way too far. The temporary worker program is some what dubious in the first place. We don't need to develop the oil sand all art once. It's only poor planning that gives us a worker shortage now. The RBC thing is just criminal.