Saturday, 20 April 2013

Playtime, sparrow, forest play, pansies; joy in retirement

We took a walk down to the wetland the other day.
By 'we' I mean me and a cat and two kittens.

I think this a song sparrow. I am always corrected by those who know better! Hubby was looking for info on his stomach issue and all he found were contradictory pieces of information.

When I was researching my M.Ed. in curriculum and technology I read a comment by an expert who call cyberspace the great garbage dump in the sky! I've done a lot of writing about technology, as well other educational pieces. It was difficult retiring. From being out the door and at school by 7:15 every day. Keeping up to date on pedagogical research, internet safety, bullying and the like. Then there were new curriculum demands, special education reforms, computer generated report cards (which we piloted in 1991) but it was a rewarding career, despite principal bullying (which is more common than we may think).

Then, upon retirement, I sought things to fill my time and keep me sharp, as well as being useful. I taught Creative Writing to men in the Beaver Creek Minimum Security Penitentiary. It was really interesting and a lesson in the penal system. We moved and I could not do that anymore, but I learned so much about teaching adults!

Now, I fill my time doing hospice volunteer work, giving palliative care to families, advocating for seniors by writing my blog on healthcare (e.g., Rate my hospital - CBC The Fifth Estate)
as well as this blog. It's a habit to be a lifelong learner, and I am grateful to be able to search out answers to puzzles in nature and the world around me.
This day's walk"
The cats were looking for mice friends in the dry leaves.
Dorah got bored and climbed a tree.
When we finished that project, me and my helpers planted some pansies.
There was a turkey out in the backyard, too.
A busy day!
It was a very warm day.
Dorah climbs a tree
Buster and Daisy huntin'
She's a tired, happy girl
I just missed a shot as he was displaying for love.
He was mad I stepped out on the deck.
She was hunkered down on a mossy rock

This pansy was a bit dry. 

Bleeding Heart are up quite high (~20cm)!


eileeninmd said...

Pretty sparrow( maybe a song sparrow) and love your cute kitties. The pansies are pretty. Lovely post. Happy weekend to you!

Red said...

This post covers a wide territory. You start out with a beautiful song sparrow and go on the academics to professional activities and on the bullying and in between you have a walk with some energetic critters. I read it all!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are pretty much the busiest retired lady I've ever known. And what a great job you do of all your 'not-working' activities. Thank you for all you do and especially for hosting Our World.