Monday, 1 April 2013

Old Slys Road in Smiths Falls

What a wonderful drive we had on Sunday. Old Sly's property was expropriated to build a hydro dam. It's still called Old Slys Road.

We were driving home, and I asked to pop into this park.
Wonderful water to shelter our transient birds!
I could see the birds sitting on the ice. Brrrrrr.

The first thing I spotted were the ubiquitous seagulls, then the Canada Geese, next the Hooded Mergansers, who love this cold water. They won't stay long, they'll head north to nest and mate. There were a few ducks, perhaps mallards, but they are the early birds!
Pun intended!

They are lovely properties on the river's edge!
I was back at the car, having done all I could to photograph these birds. Hubby looks up, and spots a Great Blue Heron, one of the last to arrive I thought! Out of the car I popped.
Can you spot her?


Kay L. Davies said...

It took me a while, Jenn, because I was looking in all the wrong photos, enlarging them one at a time. I hadn't scrolled down to your last photo yet. Yes, now I can see the heron! LOL

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to visit places close to home, there is always something wonderful to see and photograph.