Thursday, 7 March 2013

What a glorious day on Tuesday!

The front deck was warm in the south-facing spot.
CBC's meteorologist @JayScotland didn't believe me! I assured him it was true. Passive solar heating, nestled in the bosom of the trees.

The felines like my bubbles.
Buster is the only one who helps supervise the removal of the branches. I like to take time out to play with him!

I'm still cleaning up branches from our storm last week:


Darn good exercise.

The thermometer on the front deck was registering 10+ C. and we went out to play.

It was good exercise for him. He needed to take a break.

The kittens shadow his every move. He went to grab one on the snow, kitty was right there!



Red said...

Shoveling's bad enough but to have to pick up a lot of branches is and insult.

Powell River Books said...

Cats just love to be entertained. Our little guy is so old it takes a lot to get him engaged, but when he is ready to place he still have some of those old kitten traits. - Margy

eileeninmd said...

Cool, I love the bubble shots and your cute kitties. Have a happy weekend!

Kay said...

What a bright happy day and bubbles just add to the fun.