Friday, 8 March 2013

Skywatch Friday - eyes heavenward

I love sunrise, sunset and clouds.
The shapes, colours and experiences are soothing.
We know that being in nature heals us. My amateur photography blog friends agree.

My hospice work demands I take time for me. Something I couldn't do as a caregiver. It burned me out.
Skywatch 6:35

With spring approaching, I anticipate the greenery. In the meantime, we aim our gaze skyward, as we roll in to the weekend.


Laloofah said...

I love those three things as well, and you captured some beauties in this collection! I especially love those big, billowing cloud stacks, tinted such lovely shades of color by the setting sun. And is it just me or is the cloud in that first photo flipping us off? LOL

Kudos to you for the compassionate, generous work you do on, and for making time to nurture yourself. Nature's beauty is such a balm for the spirit.

Liza said...

Beautiful skies! Happy sky watching.

My sky.

Red said...

So what better time to take for yourself but watch clouds. You've captured some very active cells.

Kay said...

These are all such incredible skies, Jenn. Have a wonderful, restful weekend.

vnv4 said...

Nice cloud pictures; I get enjoyment out of looking at them. Have nice weekend. :)

Powell River Books said...

I'm like you. Nature and skies lighten the mental load. - Margy

Stan said...

Excellent collection of images! Just a perfect posting for SWF.