Friday 1 March 2013

♩♪♫♩S'No body knows the shovellin' I've seen!

Our poor old pine trees! Here in Perth we had about 20cm, all told, over three days, with another small storm expected today. The snow was very heavy, the first day, and the top branches dropped snow onto the bottom ones. Crack, down they went. I estimate they are 100 - 150-year-old white pines, blissfully saved by Ozzie Love who built our house.

My friends know I love the radar: Check out past storm events with the Canadian Historical Radar viewer. 

To quote my granddaughter, "I so sad!"
I spent 90 minutes cleaning off the lower branches that I could reach. Hubby did some the day before, too. I should have been more vigilant.

There is a trick to it. Take the snow off of the lowest branches first. When the higher branches drop their snow, it will pile up on the lower ones and cause them to break. Use a broom, or a roof rake, as I did. You do't want to damage the branches. Don't whack them, you'll break them. Make sure you have a hood on your coat, or the snow will drop into your collar! Oh, yes. Don't look up as you work. Uh, Hmmf!

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Judy said...

Touch wood, I have not seen any broken branches around here...