Saturday 2 March 2013

How many critters can you spot?

Buster was at his post, Daisy his sidekick, on the catapillar. Tail wagging, I knew something was out there.
It is a terrific cat stand. They spend hours on it. Playing, looking out at the bird feeder, or the front yard. Most people have a beautifully decorated house, we have a catapillar that sits in the front window!

But back to your task. How many critters did Buster spot on Friday morning?! You can enlarge it. There are some clues below. Scroll down for them.
CC #256
I love watching my Buster Brown. He's quite the hunter. He's somewhat frustrated with the snow. He cannot get at his mice friends, buried deep under the snow. They make trails, and he can hear them, but cannot get to them. 
Also, he is quite the big brother, playing gently with his wee twin sisters recovering from their neutering operations.
Here are some clues to the photo above! What is missing, are birds in the bird feeder! That was hard to capture in the frame. But there were several chickadees, woodpeckers, and a nuthatch or two about. These are archived photos of them.
Here are your clues!
red squirrel
Baby rabbit I found
in the deep grass last summer


TexWisGirl said...

you get a bunch there!

Hootin Anni said...

I was gonna say I find 9 critters in the 1st photo...but if the 'clue' images are shared, you have ten. I musta missed one.

Love the baby rabbit.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A magical kingdom -- a winter wonderland. Beautiful.

Karen said...

Great critters, Love that little red squirrel.

Unknown said...

You have awesome visitors in your yard! It's no wonder your cats are busy looking out at them all.

Red said...

I guess your deer really come in when the snow is so deep in the bush. They are dumb. If you clean the snow off they'll use the area.

Kay said...

I am thoroughly impressed. That is a whole lot of critters out there. How wonderful to live so close to nature.

eileeninmd said...

Cool, you have lots of critters there. Love the deer and the cute bunny. Great shots!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely selection of critters, and the cats look adorable on their ladders!

Chubskulit Rose said...

That baby bunny is really cute.
Catching up with Camera Critters.