Monday 28 January 2013

Walk on the frozen bog

  Well, I asked. Should I do housework on a Sunday afternoon, or go for a snowshoe?
Of course, most of my Facebook friends are either amateur photographers, winter campers, or Muskoka amazons. Nancy, outdoors woman as she is on 600 acres of blessed flora and fauna, wolf whisperer, voted for the latter.

The girls thought they might have a nap in the mailbox. It's over the heater, and a warm, cozy spot.

I spend a lot of time on my butt, on the computer, learning some new things, but taking time to Google Hangout with Jess in B.C., I learned a new trick!

Off I went. GPS, water, walkie talkie, hankie, Petersen Flash Guide for Animal Tracks.
But with the varying temperatures, I didn't need to use the snowshoes. The snow was hard and cold on the wetland, and supported my weight.

Both coyote and turkeys had been out for walkies!
It had warmed up, and was to warm up quite a bit this next week, I figured I ought to get out on the frozen bog water before it was too late. It was -10 C. in the morning, but with the walking I removed my gloves, I was that warm in the sunshine.

Last year I took hubby out in March, and we ended up in knee-deep water. It took a week for our boots to dry!

It was beautiful. Not a long walk, 45 minutes, but I gathered some bulrushes for my planters.
The tracks were fascinating. In the photo above, the turkeys are on the right, with the coyote tracks on the left. I saw only one critter, which is fine with me! I saw a rabbit, who scared me as much as I scared it. It took off toute de suite. No photo! I was laughing too hard. The deer were in our backyard hanging out in the sun under the trees, as they are inclined to do.
You can see how large the turkey tracks are! The four-toed track is a weasel, I think. Small track, and no claws, like the coyote and fox.
Lots of fungus on the dead wood. It was a dry, drought summer and we lost a lot of foliage.
 Bog in fall!
Sun has melted snow under trees
I love the wee peeks of green moss,
warmed by the sun

Fallen trees, where rabbits hide!


Returning home, I spot Buster Brown, sitting in Oliver's field hunting for mice! What a tough cat he is!


Grandma K said...

Really beautiful, but part of this Southeast Texas girl goes Brrrrrr!!

Judy said...

Sunday afternoon, I opted for reading and a mediocre book! We are getting snow now, and I should get out there to catch some photos...

Kay L. Davies said...

Some lovely photos, Jenn. I'm glad you opted to go.
I've never tried snowshoeing, although I did try cross-country skiing and enjoyed it.
My young brother and his wife have taken their 11-and-9-year-olds snowshoeing and a good time was had by all, so I guess I missed out on a fun activity when I was in condition for such things.
Love the photo of the girls sleeping warmly on the in-box. They are so darn cute. And of course Buster hunting for fieldmice.
Dick and Lindy have just gone out for their walk, without a camera. It's a bright sunny day here, but -1, with -23 predicted for tomorrow. I don't even want to KNOW about -23, and poor Lindy has to go out in it.
I need some new Lindy pictures for next weekend's Pet Pride, because we'll be away for a month starting next Monday, but I won't be getting them tomorrow.

Red said...

Too many times we find a lame excuse not to go out. You almost fell for the housekeeping one! Being out looking at fresh tracks can tell us more as there is more detail left.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Fabulous walk -- we used to cross-country ski (back in another life) but never tried snowshoing. You sure got to see some beautiful country.