Monday 1 October 2012

Arnprior & Beyond Arts Discovery Tour

Arnprior, Ontario

Me an' my bud, Muffin Muncher, went on another tour - the Arnprior Arts Tour. The fall colours were amazing, which is a bonus. Here is my fall colour photos post. Today's post is devoted to the artists, whose full list is here.

I am careful not to photograph all of their pieces. I worry that people using tools like Pinterest will steal images and encourage plagiarism and theft of intellectual property. This is to laud these artists and encourage my readers to support artists, if they are able to do so.

Nudes of Mississippi Mills Calendar Mr. January
The artwork was wonderful. Quality pieces. I wish we had the money to support all of the artists! Their works are beautiful.

First was Chris Van Zanten. He was pretty proud of himself. He is Mr. January in the Mississippi Mills calendar fundraiser!
Pretty brave when you consider him working with hot stuff!
Chris' work - just amazing
Photographer Glen Howard
with Chris' studio in the background
Wood carver Dub Juby
As with most of the locations, there were several artists showing their work at each studio. Some had friends there, too! Hubby found a happy dog!
Many artists, like Jill Alexander
offer workshops in their studios

From Arnprior Arts Tour, it was a beautiful weekend for a tour, with the leaves well on their way to heralding Autumn.
On the way home, we went through Burnstown, and the cafe that bakes the most amazing pizzas ever in their ovens! 

Arnprior is an interesting spot. Many pricey homes overlooking the Ottawa River. A glorious day to see the view.

From Arnprior Arts Tour


Linda said...

It is such a shame we have to worry about people using stuff that is not their would be wonderful to be able to support all the artists, wouldn't it?

Red said...

Good to see these events and I hope the artists are supported. We have some similar events here.

Cloudia said...

got to LOVE Ontario

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EG CameraGirl said...

Art tours are grand fun to go on!