Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rainy weekend in south eastern Ontario

Sept. 8th the radar warned us all
"What is this?," Buster the cat asks. He hasn't seen this much rain this summer. He sat watching, ear twitching with the thunder. He ended up one the bed to have a lovely slumber.

It is a shame that those in the city will face flooding and wet basements. We are high and dry, surrounded by wetland that catches the water and purifies it.

Also a shame, lots of fairs are on this weekend. I'm happy, as I've spent 4 hours on 'paperwork' for my volunteer group. While computers were supposed to limit our papers, I find it increases it.

We had a total rainfall for
August of 1.7mm. Truly.

Sept. 4     22mm
Sept. 7       5mm
Sept. 8     33.5 a.m.,
                53mm p.m.

Total September: 111.5mm.

Today we had a huge rain warning across south eastern Ontario. I bought a rain gauge mid-August, as I could not believe the lack of rain.
Lots of warnings

I took this photo at 1:11, by 1:52  we had 53mm
but in the morning we had 33.5mm

In both official measurements! 

Biggest rain of the year from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
What a dump of rain! We had 30mm this morning, 5mm yesterday, 22mm last Tuesday. The rain gauge is up to 55mm this afternoon after I dumped at at noon, but the storm isn't over yet. We are happy to see the rain, living as we are on a wetland. It ought to be wet!


Powell River Books said...

Fortunately, our rains have been fairly light and interspersed with sunny days. No flooding. Your downpour sound pretty harsh. - Margy

Red said...

Is this the end of the hurricane in the south? I guess the moisture is better late than never. I hope the farmers are finished with harvest.

Olga said...

There have been sporadic dumps of rain here in Vermont, but they have mostly missed us.