Monday, 3 September 2012

Pool parties in the open air!

Have you drunk too much?
There is much action in my goldfish pond. It looks like a pool party. For some reason I imagined a conversation between the frog and pirate in the boat! She seemed to be examining Captain George Travis closely. Captain George had definitely keeled over! He's been around for awhile. None of us are getting any stronger!
I told you it was time to go home
My mother told me you were bad

Of course, we know who have been fooling around underwater: Alewives and goldfish.. hybrid proof! Invasive species, indeed.
They are approaching 2", and growing.
We'll see if they overwinter.
Jeremiah is on his own!

He's 4.5" from snout to 'vent',
but they can reach 8"!
Total 25 cm (10") from snout to tippy toes!
I built a goldfish pond, and Jeremiah came to live!
This is an 8"/ 20cm ruler... and he rules the pond.
 Jeremiah looks as if he swallowed a cat.
It was another far as I could tell!


Olga said...

You have quite the active imagination, girl.

Roan said...

I'm guessing Jeremiah was named after the Creedence Clearwater song? lol
He is a handsome fella!

EG CameraGirl said...

Jeremiah sure is a big guy!

TexWisGirl said...

what a great pool party. :)

Linda said...

So much is going on in your pond! Did you send out invitations, or are they all just party crashers?

W.C.Camp said...

Wow that Jerimiah frog is one big dude. You should keep him happy and growing up and enter him in a 'jumping' competition! W.C.C.

Red said...

this is a great project that provides lots of entertainment.

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm not sure if I can get Jeremiah to jump on cue! He's pretty stubborn, and full of fellow frog's legs...
But, yes, he was named after the song! Running out of cute names around here!