Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lally Homestead Day in Murphys Point Park - videos

What a fun afternoon! It was incredibly hot, and my fellow volunteers dressed in costume!
Bless their souls. I wonder if the pioneers wore these long sleeves the entire day in these remote areas!
There are many groups reenacting the war of 1812, with people creating authentic costumes.
Celebrate 1812 is one of them. They do battle re-enactments, English Country Dancing, workshops and other activities.

Lally Homestead Day represents subsistence farming during those years. Lally Homestead is an important part of South East Ontario, and Canada's heritage. Farmers worked in the Mica mine to make ends meet. This we have by word of mouth of local families.

For more information about Mica Festival activities, click here.

The musicians were a lot of fun!

Lally Homestead Day in Murphys Point Park. Don Green lets kids make their own rope! Even the tall kids did it! Of course, a lot of the kids are taller than I am!

Murphys Point Park Heritage Festival

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Linda said...

I think it is a great idea for the young and not so young to know what our ancestors had to go through to survive! Looks like fun, as long as it is just occasional!