Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lally Homestead Day at Murphys Point Park

Beautiful old buildings that have sat here for many, many years. I volunteered here today at the Mica Festival Lally Homestead Day. For all of my photos, click here. These are activities that are part of the Mica Festival.

The Lally family were fine examples of the early pioneers who developed this area.

Park interpreter, Tobi Kieswalter gives guided tours of the Mica Mine.
From Lally Homestead Day
If you open the phone book, you will find many listings for Lally! It is no wonder, as James Lally and his wife (I wonder her name!) raised nine children in this small log homestead.
Cedar rail fences that still stand in the area

They were farmers in a land of shallow soil in rocky Lanark County. This is the reason why the early pioneers created those fabulous free standing-style fences. 
It is important to know where you have come from to understand where you are and where you have to go.

Yes, it was Lally Homestead Day. The Lally farm was bought up for the park.

I want to do some research about the Lally Homestead, I haven't had time!
Love taking photos of people taking photos!
I thought it sweet! These were two band members!
Behind them are the stone remains of the Lally barn
Stephanie did her journalist thing,
in costume! Hot stuff!
Judy did face painting!
Egg race
This was the best costume I could find.
Actually, a moden summer dress.
I look so like a gramma,
but I was cooler than my fellow volunteers!
Love the costumes!


Red said...

Geat that this has been kept and use is made of it for information and fun. Nice place to volunteer.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm sure no one said "That's not a real costume" to you, Jenn. They were probably all jealous because you looked so cool and summery.

Linda said...

Yes, you look like a grandma, but you are smiling! What a wonderful, happy face! These are great photos - it would be interesting to find out more about the homestead. Looks pretty small to raise 9 kids! They must have liked each other - a LOT!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like stuff like this a lot! Good for you volunteering -- that's the best way to learn history, even better than just plain attending. You look cute!