Saturday 18 August 2012

Flutterbys - too many to name or count!

They are tricky little beasties, and the photos on the Internet, and books are only some help. BAMONA has been good. They have volunteers who will ID them for you. It's been a challenge! I think this is a Great Fritillary Butterfly, but I have to do more research!

Fritillary, methinks
This is the time of year for them. Happily bopping along from blossom to blossom.
There are lots more than butterflies, though. Wasp-mimic moths, as well as the other insects,

Sweetheart Underwing (Catocala amatrix)
They have a bright orange underwing,
but I didn't disturb it!
Forage Looper (Caunurgina erechtea) - HUGE!
Way too many moths to identify, but I'm working on it!
CC #228
This one was inside on the window of the pub!
Another big one:
Darling underwing, perhaps.
Bright pink or red underwings.


Unknown said...

Pretty beasty shots! Love the color. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow - amazing shots!

Pat said...

Lovely winged critters!

EJ said...

Love the thistles!

My Critter post, have a great weekend!

Linda said...

interesting critters this week, the butterfly is lovely,

DeniseinVA said...

These are great shots!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely assortment you have there!

Red said...

You can identify far more moths than I can. I'm at zero. Nowhere to go but up. It's well worth while to post on critters like this.

eileeninmd said...

Great collection of critters. The Fritillary is pretty. Happy Sunday!

Powell River Books said...

Tis the season for winged critters. I like the colours of the fritillary. - Margy

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Jenn, those are gorgeous pictures --- I can't believe you got so many to hold still long enough to "catch"...beautiful.