Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bad bugs, bad!

They've destroyed my pumpkins, cucumbers, squash. I was not vigilant. I tried a couple of things but this did not work. Ed Lawrence's 1 part soap to 40 parts water might have worked if I'd noticed earlier.


Kay L. Davies said...

Those are some seriously ugly bugs. Too bad they ruined all your goodies.

Powell River Books said...

Not just the bugs, but a whole new generation to come. I have been pretty lucky this year with pests. Probably because I don't have many things growing right now. I did find a few slugs and tossed them into the water to become fish food (I hope). - Margy

Red said...

Pretty discouraging when this happens. I use much more than 40 t0 1 but then again I'm in a hurry.