Sunday, 22 July 2012

A wedding in Stewart Park in Perth

We were in at the Stewart Park Music Festival and had a grand time. Lots of people, kids, vendors, music!
But Stewart Park is a popular place for wedding photos. Now, on a day with the Festival going on, you'd think there might be problems with photography.
Not so.
The happy, beautiful couple caused passers-by to reflect. Like the stream flowing, they parted the waters as strollers waited for the photographer to get his shot, then they walked by.
Everyone was smiling.
One man shook the hand of the groom. Another spoke to the couple about the geology of the Tay River!
I knew there would be a wedding - white limo!
The bride was gorgeous, and her hair just so. But her shoes were clearly the hit of the day.
Her bridesmaids wore black dresses and red shoes. A great choice, as everyone needs a little black dress!
Even the guests were into taking their own photos! Of course, the mood of the day was all fun, with music and laughter. The women in the last photo, obviously wedding guests similarly looking fabulous,  told me that the bride walked all the way from the church in her shoes!


Linda said...

What fun to be able to be on the fringe of such a joyous occasion!

EG CameraGirl said...

What fun! Lovely photos.

Red said...

Looks like fun time was had by all.

Christine said...

gosh who doesn't love a wedding, thanks for sharing!

Kay L. Davies said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding, Jenn, but my feet hurt just thinking about wearing high heels any more. LOL

i beati said...

kittens and bride cute