Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sady has conjunctivitis!

Poor Sady has conjunctivitis. Into the vet, and a wee test. Poor girl. We have to put drops into her eye. We were suspicious, as she had discharge from it for a few days. It wasn't getting any better.
She's a brave cat. Walkies on the ice in Bala.

She's learning to love Buster!

Totally devoted to hubby

Likes playing outside!

Hubby put on gloves and long sleeves to get her into the carrier. A rescued cat, she has her issues. 
Those back legs are talons, and she windmills to keep herself safe and out of the carrier. We got her to the vet, who could manipulate her eyelids, check out the swelling and pink eye with no problem. Do you think we can manage to get the creme in? She runs away when I approach, always has...
Of course, it isn't me to try this, as hubby is the only one in the world who can lift her up, or touch her for any period of time. She'll come to me for food, or to be let out, and rub against me then, but I cannot pick her up. This stems from when she first came home with us, as a kitten, and she first went under the dresser. I hauled he out, and we put her into a dog cage until she let us handle her. Of course, hubby was retired, home all the time, and she glommed onto him. I was still teaching, it was 2005. Then, I left to go to Muskoka to look after my parents, and she slept on my spot on the bed! 
Now the challenge is to get the creme into her left eye. The creme turns to a liquid with the heat of the body, so if you put it on your finger, to get it into her eye, it drips off.
Friday morning didn't go well. Deeply suspicious, she ran away. I tend to barrel up, grab her scruff, and just put the dang stuff on. Doesn't work! I even had problems with her trusting me to take a photograph.
Hubby is the patient one. He'll coax her, pet her, let her get mushy. It ook the photos to try to figure out what was wrong. It took the vet, and her being scared enough in the clinic, to hold her down and look closely into her eyes! 

Definitely swollen under the eye, she peers at us with one eye half-closed. Five days of treatment, sure!

Silly girl! I've had kids with Pink Eye, duly treated. This is ridiculous!

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lina@happy family said...

Lovely Sadie, hope she'll recover soon.

Pat said...

Poor Sadie. I hope she gets better soon. I know it's hard to medicate a cat.

Christine said...

she's in the best care I can tell! hope she feels better soon.

Dianne said...

she is a beautiful girl
hope she feels better soon

my Siren was rescued by the police from a terrible situation and he has so many issues
takes me forever to give him meds or get him to the vet

hugs to all

Linda said...

Definitely not fun to try to manage a cat! Hope she gets better soon!

eileeninmd said...

OH wow, this does not sound like fun. I hope she is better soon.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Lovely kitties!

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