Sunday, 3 June 2012

Café Postino in Almonte


Café Postino
Can you believe it?

Leonard Cohen!

Never had a bad meal here. I've celebrated them before, with no recompense, I might add.

We have to celebrate small town eateries. I loathe the big chains.

Don't you love an elegant sign!
This old Post Office has ancient walls. It is an amazing building.
Well-trained staff, and incredible food: presentation, quality, freshness.

It was 2:45 by the time we made it there. And a lull between lunch and dinner. We have interesting hours, as retirees!
The bikers were getting ready to do the bike race. We cleared out of Dodge, having stuff to do!

Cold pasta salad

Hubby's dessert - with my sore tooth I couldn't eat it!

Nothing better than kahlua coffee!

The high ceilings are wonderful!

Our wonderful server!


Linda said...

We eat at chains sometimes because there are so many of them...but we truly prefer the small places. When we travel, we always try to find where the locals eat...this looks like a lovely place!

Red said...

Some of the great eateries are in old buildings like this post office and that makes the eatery a one of not a chain.