Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Murphys Point Park has a new cabin!

We live near to MPP, and I visit often.
It is nearly finished! This is my kind of camping. Ontario Parks offer 'rustic cabins' and Yurts.
It will have a ramp. Here are the before and during photos!

What is new in camps, are accommodations to fill the needs of all campers, able or not.

I am not able: I want a cabin, walls, and a real bed!

My hubby grew up on a working farm, without electricity and water, and large horses to manage. You can read his story here. Since he camped his first 12 years of life, he's not exactly the camping type! I don't blame him!
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Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We used to camp in tents and tent trailers but now we prefer a bit more comfort. A little cabin like that would be perfect.
Have you had time to enter my give away?

Red said...

Good stuff! I slept on too many hard mountain slopes. I think I'm paying for it but I wouldn't have missed it.
I remember the farm like your husband only the time for me was in the 40's

Linda said...

I just read his story - how fascinating his telling of it is! I know it was hard, but he has wonderful memories and a great way of relating them. Thank both of you for the telling!

Kay said...

That's the kind of camping I'm OK with. What a pretty area!

W.C.Camp said...

Ha - I thought you were going to say your Hubs grew up camping so he loves to Camp now!! I grew up a CAMP and never went until I WAS grown up!