Tuesday 26 June 2012

The lion and the lamb (spider?) lie down

One wedding anniversary, my parents sent us a cheque. We spent the money on two week lions statues. They have been fading with time. I spray-painted them gold. They won't last much lunger, but this one is a home for a spider.
In the meantime, all is well on the rest of the place.

The new garden is growing,
all with transplanted plants!

Hubby has painted 3/4 of the fence!
WHile not truly ornamental,
it doesn't keep out the deer, rabbits, raccoons...sigh.

Then there is Buster, who believe prey sits on the floating cedar island.

Yes, I need Smellovision. The lavender blooms!

Haven't figured these out yet. Very pretty, though!
My garden still holds mysteries for me,
lo these 2 years...
Yes, I have lots of pretty wildflowers in them,
but they have a right to bloom, too!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I always enjoy seeing what you have going on in your garden! Love that lion...I had a wonderful zebra - some 20 years old - who finally bit the dust this year. I was heartbroken, but he had just worn through in spots, and you could see daylight through him!