Sunday, 13 May 2012

Strandherd-Armstrong 'airport' Bridge in Ottawa

UPDATE: OTTAWA — A damning third-party review of how the City of Ottawa handled the Airport
Parkway bridge fiasco found the managers in charge of the project approved an unrealistic timeline, did not obtain required documentation, did not appreciate the complexity of the project, and didn’t keep their superiors or elected officials informed of obvious problems.
Problems started almost at the inception of the project, which was to run from 2008 to 2011. When the environmental assessment was delayed by eight months, the city’s infrastructure service department decided to make up time by squishing the original one-year construction timeline to four months. At the time, two companies bidding on the project warned that the condensed schedule was “totally unrealistic.”
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What an eyesore!
I drove past this bridge the other day. What a mess. It has been stalled, with financial issues. The equipment on the site cannot be used until the company, ConCreate, pays the company that owns the shoring and scaffolding. They are owed $250,000, and the subcontractor, DCM Erectors, waits to recover the outstanding funds.

More trouble looms for stalled $48M Strandherd-Armstrong bridge project, companies warn

OTTAWA — Frustration is growing among some of the companies involved in construction of the Strandherd-Armstrong bridge, who warn the $48-million project could face additional delays and extra costs if they’re not paid money owed for their work.

The bridge is to span the Rideau River between Strandherd Drive and Earl Armstrong Road, with the goal of easing congestion and delays on existing river crossings at Hunt Club Road and on Bridge Street in Manotick. Construction started in June 2010, and was expected to be completed late this year.

Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge. The population growth in the South Urban Community (SUC) continues to increase, causing congestion and delays.

Pierre Poilievre likes to take credit for it!
There are those who mocked him during his re-election campaign. No more news from him now. What a mess.
This is what happens when politicians drive a bridge!


Betty Roan said...

Beautiful concept. That's a lot of money to pour down the drain. Hopefully the bridge will eventually find its way to completion.

cloudia charters said...

you keep them honest, Jenn!

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It's a shame that conflicts like this exist...the root of evil is always about money...or should I say greed. But, without money, there'd be nothing regarding advancing and completing. Hope it's all cleared and the bridge is finished.

Linda said...

We have some of those stalled projects around here - and it doesn't look to be any better anytime soon!