Saturday, 12 May 2012

Daycation in Lanark County

Well, says hubby, want to go out for a Daycation?

"Sure," says I. With only 19 days until my next pension cheque, I can put any purchases on credit card!

Off we went. We ended up in Almonte.

I can usually depend on a nice meal out, and I don't have to cook dinner! Cheap vacation from all perspectives!

We thought that there was an artisans' show. Never found it, but we did find a a wonderful artisans gallery above Cafe Postino.

I love Cafe Postino, in Almonte. Local chef, wonderful food.

The old buildings in Lanark County are amazing. This one is an old Post Office.

Look at the banister.

 We went in and looked around. Beautiful works of art.

I bought a scarf. Hand died, using enviro-friendly materials. Made by someone named jenepher jane. Isn't that a hoot?
The peculiar thing was that the woman at the desk of Current Works has the same first and second name as I do: Jennifer Anne.

Funny how the Universe works.
Much taller, younger, thinner than I, but another Jennifer Anne. With an "E".
We had a delightful visit.
Home we went and I had fun riding the lawn tractor, cutting the grass, weeds, and the wild flowers.


Red said...

We need more days when we just poke around. sometimes we find the most interesting things. Namesakes? Always interesting.
I hope you'r not cutting down native species as opposed to wild stuff!

Linda said...

Looks like a successful day out! I love getting to do that...just go with no particular thing in mind!