Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pond life - an ebb and flow to the seasons

Morning -  frozen
Spring, bring it on! I follow it closely!
VIEW: EXTERNAL non-profit  migration maps for flora and fauna!
In the morning the pond is frozen.
By afternoon, it has melted its skiff of snow.

The marsh ducks fly overhead, some landing in the warm pond. I'm having trouble identifying the dark (black?) ones. The mallards are easy to spot!

Afternoon - larvae zipping around like little dancers
I set up my Plantcam to try snap some photos. We shall see what I can snap!

The snowfleas have stuck around. 
This season sees the pond teeming with life,  bringing those dratted mosquitoes.
But all of the world is waking, and we watch the bears and the bees bopping around.

Mosquito larvae in my pot
For those interested in their spring dance, check out the short video!

My late father and our pet rabbit, back in the 70s.
bunny in our lawn
Of course, there are bunnies in the field, hopping along for joy.




Linda said...

What a cute bunny...but I was not thrilled with the mosquito larvae! We have far too many of them here!

Anonymous said...

Sweet bunny! And I love the photo of your father and the top of your head. You have grown up loving nature!
Happy Easter and good luck with the taxes...or are you finished? I came to read that when this popped up! I have to finish mine. It said I get a big refund. I think something is wrong! I have to redo it...breaking even is the best we could hope for.
Been great getting to know you since you found my blog. Gin


Awesome images....ah, to live in an area such as this in your 'back yard'....must be nice. And sweet, have a real live easter bunny.

Easter Parade Critters is my Saturday Post.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely - what a cute bunny.

Pia said...

The larves are interesting but this cute baby-bunny is the star of the post!

Anonymous said...

The shot of your pond in the morning, with a skim of ice is lovely!

Red said...

Yes, wetlands have many interesting critters which are all interlinked to each others survival.

Cheryl said...

I've got a bunny that's eating my tulip buds. Repellent or Havahart are in its near future.

mick said...

Great photos of the pond and the change from the ice in the morning was so fast. The bunny is cute!

Betty Roan said...

I'm sure I've seen mosquito larvae before, but didn't realize what those squiggly things were. Interesting post.

Tanya said...

oh that bunny is a cutie...the mosquito babies, not so much!