Saturday, 7 April 2012

Building a bridge in a bog with a frog

We went out to the wetland, exploring its depth. It's very low this year, with little water, but over your boots in the low spots!

The twins were a big help.
I was showing hubby the spot where I wanted to build a bridge to our island.

Now, it's not really an island, but it is surrounded by wetland, with dead trees, bulrushes, and lots of critters, too.

Provincially protected, the wetland filters water before it drains into nearby lakes. We get a tax break for keeping it natural.
The dark parts are the trees.
Our little island is in the middle of the wetland,
all bulrushes and water!
Some locals complain bitterly about not being able to build on their wetland, or pollute it at will. (We live in the 'back off government' capital of Ontario.) We are happy to watch nature and do not want to make a profit off of our land.

Off to the left is our island.

My little helper!

The bulrushes make their own little islands.
Then the trees grow on them, mostly cedar.

I'd like to climb up higher!

He anxiously watch JB walk in the bog!

He loves those fallen trees.

Felix is bored and back on dry land.
In the water, lots of frogs and mosquito larvae!

Despite my hammering, the frogs were singing around me! Looking for love!
It was a delightful entertainment while I puzzled together my bridge.

Close-up of the Wood frog!

Finally, my bridge. I'll finish it tomorrow!
I ran out of energy, after 3 hours of work...


Linda said...

Love the bridge!

Powell River Books said...

We have a group of guys in Powell River that build lots of bridges in the back country. Some like this to safely cross wetland. They are called the BOMB Squad for Bloody Old Men's Brigade. They do amazing work for a bunch of retired guys. - Margy

Red said...

Good on you far maintaining a small wetland.

W.C.Camp said...

Awesome pix. That is some beautiful natural land! I love the Frosty turned Easter Bunny. W.C.C.

Judy said...

If you got that much work done in three hours, you have every right to be tired!!