Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Earth Day Ditch Cleaning

Ontario roads
Driving Ontario roads, you see lots of brown grass. Much of the snow has gone, revealing a lot of junk in the ditch.

Many people I know go ditch cleaning. It makes a walk much nicer, rather than staring at human garbage.

Earth Day, April 22nd, is just a date on the calendar and I do this cleaning a couple of times a season.
32 plastic water or pop bottles, one visited by a snake!
How much junk?

Seems a whole bag of garbage fell off something.
10 water bottles, sanitary products, BBQ aluminum foil.
I hope they didn't just chuck it overboard.
Probably tourists...

Yep. 32 bottles
Fast food restaurants need to do something.
Wendy's 2, Tim Horton's 10, KFC 2, McD 3.
 A bag of garbage,
chip bags tossed out of the car window, gum wrappers...

I have to go out again, as there is stuff exposed by the melted snow.
On our first foray, I picked 5 beer bottles/cans and put them
on the road. They were gone when I returned!

Smokers are the worst! Can't tell you
how many cigarette butts I found!

One has to be careful. The traffic is fast.

They have 500m to pass, and do so right where Felix crosses the road.


Linda McCane said...

Yikes - that's a lot of trash! I don't know what we can do other than keep pointing out the results to people...but the ones that do it just don't care! The snake would have made me draw back - a lot!

Red said...

And I still think that any business that sells take out should have a special tax levy. Good on you for cleaning up some of this mess.