Monday, 30 April 2012

A party, a walk to view the owl's nest, wetland walk

Buster and I began the day with walkies in the meadow.

We were waiting for the kids to arrive!

Isabelle turns 2 next weekend. We had an early party in the country.

First, though, we took a walk to see the owl nest. Yup. The most photographed owls in Lanark County! We met a professional photographer, with a HUGE camera lens. She and hubby were watching the crows attack the owls. Momma draws the crows away from the chicks.

We had a chat with the ponies first.
The foal was born in February.

Owl chicks

I love the buds on the trees. Such a bright green!

Buster was keen to check the flicker out.

I showed Jofee the flicker's body.

Isabelle turns two next weekend. We had an early celebration at our place! Her cake was finger-lickin' good. She wouldn't let us take it away! "No. My cake!"

 After the party, time for a walk to the wetland island. Bridge building is a gr. 4 curriculum unit, last I looked! I did a video of our gr. 4 bridge work, when I taught a gr. 4/5 class!
She's making a bridge, just like Gramma!


Caitlin steadies the girls!

Four girls!
Jofee was lying on the grass


Linda said...

Awwww...great photos. I love that cat and the horse...Isabelle is a sweetie. Thank you for sharing.

Paula said...

Your grand-daughters are sweet. Love that someone whistled Happy Birthday to little Isabelle. Cute that she didn't want her cupcake paper taken away.

Kay L. Davies said...

Two already! Time flies. Looks like a wonderful day, Jenn. I'm so happy for all of you.

Carletta said...

Looks like a great visit. My youngest granddaughter turned three on the 29th.
I'd love to have that chair!!!!

Great shot of the owl's nest.

Red said...

And more good fun with kids!
Yesterday I went to a birthday party for a ten year old. His Grandma was having the party and wanted all the neighbors who had met and helped Lucas to be there. It was fun.