Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wish litterbugs would hibernate over winter

Between Wendy's and Timmy Ho's in Perth, we get a lot of garbage dumped overboard. We are one large coffee, or 1 1/2 hamburgers south of town!
This latest customer seemd to supersize his order: one iced tea and hamburger and cheeseburger, plus fries.

Wendy's hamburger dumped overboard

Bought it at 11 pm, chucked it out,
I found it the next day
After the snow melted, I did a major cleanup. April, 2011

And again in the fall, several bags full.
They rolled the rim
and chucked it overboard.
 I emailed Wendy's to complain, heard nothing. I even put it out on Twitter, nada.

I shall have to go into the store...
Tim Horton's is the same. They need to come up with a strategy for challenging this issue.
We can't teach some how not to litter, but maybe there is a way to deter them.
Collection from Earth Day 2006,
Sir Win. Middle School


Kay L. Davies said...

The trouble is not the people who eat inside at these places, but the people who order "to go" — even if Wendy and Tim offered large garbage bags for people to take in their cars for their takeout food, the no-brainer kind of litterer wouldn't use it. They know there are people like you.
Sad situation. On the other hand, some parents will stop beside the road and send a littering kid back to pick up his or her own mess. Or take the child back if he or she is small.
Always some bad with the good. Unfortunate, but true. I'm so glad there are people like you.

Red said...

Spring shows us how we are extremely messy people. I blame take outs for a lot of the mess. I walked 1 km to school. There was a Seven -Eleven on my route. What a mess of Seven Eleven stuff.

Linda said...

Some people simply do not care - shameful!

Olga said...

I have often said there should be a special tax on take out food to pay for highway clean ups. Although I am generally opposed to the death penalty, I sometimes think there could be an exception for littering.