Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Walkies with Felix in the bog

Hard to believe we had this snow last week!
Yes, off we went. Buster was a bit sleepy. He'd caught a mouse, and we quite exhausted. He was camped out on our bed.

He brought it up to the deck to show off his prize. Duly tenderized, it has since disappeared!

I headed out back to check out the property with Felix. Our backyard is a bit of a spit, extending out into the wetland.

We have no worries about flooding, as the bog is in a gully below, with much clay underneath.

Brave Felix digs snow out from toe pads.
It is much like the larger lakes, and melts at the edges first, where meltwater has gathered.
And still we have people sledding at the speed of stupid!

Nothing more striking than the moss!
Felix hunts for mice friends!

Field mouse trails appear 

They look a bit drunk, wobbly little path!

Much safety in the snow cover!
I shall miss the story that the snow tells.

He's happy with the green grass!

Can you spot them?!

You can see the path the deer follow in the bog.
Where they have compacted snow
it is slower to melt.

He walks with me like a dog!

You can see the melt starting!

He loves getting up off the snowy, wet ground!

House peeks through the forest!

Oops, watch that first step!
And still we had people go into Lake Simcoe!

    Usually letting his brother do the meowing,
    he howled for me to wait up!
    The tree gather sun's rays and warms the forest edge, where snow melts and deer seek warmth.


    Linda said...

    Stupidity has no age limit, or season! Wouldn't you think people who lived in the cold country would have learned by all the reports?????

    TexWisGirl said...

    such cute kitty/dogs...

    Kay L. Davies said...

    Love these photos, Jenn. I just adore Felix!
    Some people are so stupid. Inch-thick ice. It's hard to imagine anyone that silly.