Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Snowmobling season is nearly over!

Toronto Sun‎ - Tuesday, March 13.

... Ont. -- Just days after a dramatic rescue of 26 fisherman stranded on an ice floe, two more anglers had to plucked from a chunk of ice in Lake Simcoe.
On really thin ice, about an inch!
The law says that snowmobiles can go between 20 and 50 km, depending upon their location.

When we lived in Bala, we know how fast they went. You could hear the roar of the engines from across the lake, behind the forest. Across the lake they would go at warp speed.

Snowmobiles on path worry Osgoode mother March 01, 2012

...rural home backs onto the 21-kilometre Osgoode Link Multi-use Pathway where she says...to the north side of Buckles Street in Osgoode, officially opened in June 2011 for walking...end of the pathway in the residential Osgoode Village, a 20-km/h zone was designated...

The year-round pathway, which runs from Leitrim Road to the north side of Buckles Street in Osgoode, officially opened in June 2011 for walking, running, cycling, cross-country skiing, horseback riding and snowmobiling.

I used to live in Osgoode, and like many rural towns, snowmobiles rule in winter. Walkers have no place on the same paths as snow machines. Those driving using teenage brains, many in their 40s with enough disposable income to afford 500lb. Nascar-like sleds, want to feel young and free, and ignore the laws of the land.

This year a couple of men were charged with impaired driving while on a snowmobile.

Osgoode snowmobilers charged with drunk driving

Two snowmobilers have been charged with drunk driving in Osgoode according to the Ottawa police marine, dive and trail unit.
The snowmobiles were stopped on Nixon Road between 10 p.m. and midnight on Friday, Feb. 17 during a RIDE program conducted in a partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. One snowmobile driver was also charged with failing to stop at the request of an officer.
Snowmobile incidents are very horrifying. We need them to slow down and take it easy. We moms/grammas ought to be speaking out.


Linda said...

Apparently, age doesn't mean that a person grows a brain!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the peaceful countryside. We had the same on our hill at the house. And we have the jet skis on the river in the summer. The thing there is, if they fall in they are covered with PCB's!

Enjoy the snow while it lasts. Our snowman has melted! Bill said yesterday, "I'M MELTING, with his best Wizard of Oz witch voice. gin

Anonymous said...

My note disappeard...Soon the peaceful countryside will return. That will be so nice!

Our snowman is melting. :(