Monday 12 March 2012

Talking a walk in (not 'on') the watery bog

After his snowmobile fell into an east Ottawa creek Sunday, Mike Ruthven found himself in icy water over his head, a scared six-year-old on his back, and no easy way back to shore.

Oops, a few days too late in the season for a bog walk, nothing like the man who took his grandson on a snow machine and the kid nearly drowned. Sigh. All he had to do was get off the machine and check the path in front, with water on either side of the sled bridge!

Typical snowmobile bridge!
It was a tad wet this weekend! How wet?

Well, 'it wasn't terrible', to quote our Canadian curlers, it wasn't up to our armpits!
We've been taking it easy after Norovirus, and watching the Brier was great: Canadian curlers competing.

But the thermometer should have been a clue to sledders, especially those with grandkids on the back. Just sayin'!

The bog water was as deep as our snowmobile boots!
His, being man-sized, are higher, and I was drenched.
I led hubby astray! He is a good man! We had an adventure. Peals of laughter from me, as I took a step and sunk. I was cold, but I'm glad I had the snowmobile boots on! They are lined.
Poor hubby!

Perhaps the temp
should have been a clue: +15 C.!

A bit damp in the wetland!
'That's my Jenny!' he says.

In the middle it's up to our knees!
Gravity, not just a good idea, it's the law!
Water seeks its own level.

Look closely and you can see where
we stepped! It was a long way
around the other way!

On the land, it is lovely, warm, snowy!
Pretty fungus on the birch tree

'Deer poo' for granddaughter Josephine!
She is always keen to go out and spot some!

The trees are old, majestic.

OK, no herons, but the nests are waiting.

 Birds everywhere. A crow, and an eagle soaring, after the crow, methinks!


TexWisGirl said...

spring melting, for sure!

Red said...

I thought it was only little boys who went in water that was over their boots??? In bogs the water level is sometimes a big surprise.

Linda said...

Great eagle shot! Glad you are feeling better!