Sunday, 11 March 2012

Coming in for a blue landing!

I shoveled the front walk, again, after another dump of snow.
Whatcha snickering at, lady?

The deer were covered!

Still not feeling 100% well (yes, norovirus, 5 days!), I had a wee sit watching the bird feeder.
The trees have buds!

First up, the chickadee watching from the catalpa tree.
Next, a robin sits watching.
Robin in the tree!
Next, incoming blue jay!
Hi ho, hi ho! Off I go.
Hmmm, which one?

Here s/he comes!

Heads up, feet up?
Made it!
How about two?


Anonymous said...

Nice Jenn. I do have to invest in a camera with a lens attachment. Love your sweet deer. Look at all that snow!

Hope you feel better today. I too am under the weather but with a bacterial infection. Think I may be giving up the YMCA.

What are you feeding your birds from the tin pail?

Still no labels on my links..very frustrating. gin

Jenn Jilks said...

Good questions, Gin!
The pail collects the cracked corn that the blue jays don't like. The woodpeckers love this feeder and we put mostly cracked corn in it.
This feeder is at the corner of the house, hopefully to keep the cats nearby and away from crossing the highway.
We put peanuts into the bucket, too, which the jays like.
The rabbits feed underneath, they've left lots of fertilizer on the garden below!
Hope you get over your bug, too.

Anonymous said...

Our biggest problem when selecting plants and feeders for this spring is going to be the overgrowth of squirrels in our area. The grab flower and run!

We saw yellow finches this morning and i want to get a feeder for them. Our current feeder is a squirrel buster feeder and seems to be working.

Mr. and Mrs. C were around this morning and sang me a beautiful song! Makes me so happy. You have a beautiful blog site, Jenn.

TexWisGirl said...

Love the deer and the jay with a peanut. :)

Linda said...

So sorry you are still not 100%. I am strugging to recover also...just don't bounce back as quickly as we used to! Loved the photos of the always. Feel better soon!

Red said...

I'd say that's a pretty good watch when you can watch those critters and yes look at the snow!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, good night. Feel better tomorrow! gin