Wednesday 28 March 2012

Spring is coming, hear the geese!

Gaggle of geese gather on the South Nation River,
near Crysler, Ontario
But we've gone a bit back in time! Back to March temperatures.

I took out the hydro lines. Bad job!
That said, we have skeins and skeins of geese flying overhead.

I know that they cause trouble in cities. They are quite the poop machines!

They are part of the cycle of life.
Large wingspan!

Eddie and Eva

Barge waits for spring
Heaven knows how many little goslings  feed the other creatures!

The Beveridge Locks wait for spring
You can hear them on my video here: ♪♫ We shall gather at the river ♪♫♩♪
Daffodils are raising their wee heads,
but shivering in the cold!
Planted this last fall.
I totally forget what it is!

Wee robins are pulling worms up,
like good little birds!


Olga said...

Spring is such an uplifting time. As we travel from FL back to VT (we'll be making that trip in two weeks), we see spring in reverse.

Linda said...

We saw a few really large skeins of geese going over when we had that hot spell. Their honking calls me outside to watch as they fly over.

Red said...

We have Canada Geese that stay all winter in the open water of the river. You can tell when geese are flying in from the south. Last night after dark a few geese flew over.

EG CameraGirl said...

It sure does look like spring now! I guess I still love Canada geese because I too live in the country.

Linda said...

The geese are beautiful, but you are right - here in the city they cause quite a bit of havoc with their "poop" everywhere! We have several large groups of them...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Looks like spring is well on its way at your house! It'll be fun to see what the mystery plant is --

I have a real love-hate relationship with the Canada Geese with whom we share a Lake during the summer months.