Tuesday 27 March 2012

Sugar bush visit leads to foal

The blue barn is a landmark!
Here is Caitlin, with Isabelle on her back,
and Josephine, last year.
We made our pilgrimage across the road to the sugar bush. On the way we were distracted.
We stopped at the blue barn.

Josephine had a bit of a word with him!

Penny Pig was quite exhausted.
She had a litter last year.
Tressa said they had to get the piglets to her every hour, otherwise Penny could roll over them. Later, they feed longer apart.

Today there were several visitors to her sugar bush. It's hard work being Ms. Greeter beside the blue barn!

But THIS year's news:
The miniature pony had a foal! How delightful!

He was born at the end of February. Soft fuzzy, with delicate little whinny!

Twas a great visit.
Too bad the syrup season was awful this year.

It bounces around the paddock.

Momma and baby!
Have you ever??!!

What a fuzz ball of joy!
One of their machines!

Don't you love REAL syrup!
Visit other worlds!


Linda said...

Love the miniature horses! What fun!

Olga said...

LOVE real maple syrup. I hear that the season was very bad in VT because of the warm weather. Higher prices.

Anonymous said...

OH, what delightful shots of the horses and that lovely blue barn.

Maboe said...

A beautiful world!

Sylvia K said...

OH! I love those furry, little horses! And what a lovely blue barn! Wonderful captures for the day, Jenn! Delightful world you have there!


TexWisGirl said...

cute blue barn and cuter foal! :)

Red said...

I am going to have to tour a sugar operation some day. We red so much about it that one should really see it.

Maude Lynn said...

That foal is adorable!

Kay said...

I've never seen such furry ponies. What fun! Real maple syrup is so expensive, but it's wonderful with pancakes and waffles.

EG CameraGirl said...

How great to live across the road from a sugar bush! Cool!