Thursday 22 March 2012

Early spring, fire bans in Lanark County

The bogs are melted in Lanark County. The spring peepers are singing for their mates.

They sound wonderful in the night.
While many have been lauding the early spring, Climate Change or no, there is an impact.

Our flora and fauna are not used to such a long season.
Project BudBurst is a nationwide initiative to help scientists understand the effects of climate change on plants by recording the timing of leafing and flowering of a variety of species.

Early pollen release means allergy season.
There will be smog, and an impact on asthma sufferers.
Spring melts and higher dams, mean lowering barriers to let some go. This means dry ground. We have fire bans in south eastern Ontario.

Yesterday, near the Ottawa airport there was a grass fire. People are being told not to throw lit cigarettes out their windows.

There are worries about the impact to all of us. We know that our syrup producers have had only a one-week harvest. Normally this is a 4 - 6 week period of time. Rushing the thaw has left water high, and land dry.

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Linda said...

Everything has its side effects, doesn't it? The early spring has us all sneezing and wheezing...