Sunday 25 March 2012

Do you have a favourite body of water?

Do you have a favourite lake or pond?  This Nature Canada blog post inspired me. I've sat on it since November, 2011, waiting for spring.

I do have a fave. Long Lake, where we cottaged for 50 years! Knowing it intimately, I canoed every inch, and even the surrounding beaver ponds which fed this lake.

I loved spring, when the ice began to thaw, and eventually sank in the warmth. Lakes have a constant temperature of 4 C., down below in winter. This lake is 200' deep.

I loved the fog dancing on the water.
The sunsets.

One of my favourite shots.
Juxtaposition of late winter, early spring!
I loved the ducks, who would do fly-overs, searching for open water.

I captured the sunlight dancing on the waves.

In September, things quieted down!
Once the ice melted, everything began the frenzy of procreation.
Mallard male duck

Not true, as we enjoyed all 4 years
that we lived there full-time.

We did grow tired of the disrespectful sledders, jetskis doing figure 8's, fireworks every night for two weeks on a work night, and the poor treatment of the loons who tried to share our lake. Snowmobiles on thin ice, leaving behind pollution. Melting ice is an accident waiting to happen!

I think this was Eddie and Eva, and off-spring.
Eddie and Eva, who visited every year!

The heron visited often.
We left with no regrets, but some tears.
Here is why we moved closer to Ottawa!
Granddaughters, Isabelle, born May, 2010

Farewell, ducks! Caitlin and Josephine.

Farewell lake!

They trusted us and knew we loved them.
I hope the new owner respects wildlife as we did.

Incoming mallards!
Still as glass in September


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Make me want to come on up there and turn your cottage into a bed and breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I just found your beautiful blog, and yes, I have a favorite body of water. It's Lake Coeur d'Alene here in North Idaho! Your pictures are lovely!

Christine said...

I'm inspired by your love of nature. Cute grandchild too!

Lisa is offering an online e-course in art it sounds like. Wonder if you would be interested, you'd have to contact her for details.

Jenn Jilks said...

We tried, @Caregiver! It didn't work well. The cottage was too close to the house!
Nice idea, @Christine. I am fairly confident with my photography, and need specific help with painting!
It's an idea I might like to try, having taught creative writing...

Hootin Anni said...

Incredible images!!!!! I so enjoyed viewing them all....especially the bird activities since I do a lot of birding myself.

Red said...

I also had a Long Lake . the proper name was Last mountain lake in the middle of Sask. It's about 90 kms long and from 2 to 7 kms wide. This is where my Dad first took me fishing.

Linda said...

Wonderful photos of Long Lake. Not really sure what my favourite is, I'll have to think about that.

Linda said...

Such beautiful photos...and i completely understand moving to be closer to that lovely child! I don't want to move because I don't want to leave mine!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lovely look back at your old digs! Onward to change and loving the new place doesn't mean you have to forget the wonderful place you used to be. (We have fallen in love with so many places>.) look at your grandbabies and I know you made a good decision!