Wednesday 1 February 2012

Towers – look up, look way up!

I noticed quite a few towers in my neighbourhood!
Then realized I had collected some photos.
Towers created for a purpose, some for fun, others for services. Some towers have been taken over by the osprey!
 Some towers hold signage!
Other towers hold great adventures!
NOTL tower

From Towers


Linda said...

Wow! What a towering collection of - well, towers. I loved the collage. Have a great day!

Kay L. Davies said...

Great collection, Jenn. And I guess if you're an osprey, you don't bother to ask permission when nesting.

Red said...

Cool theme. Some great images.
Here we would add one more ...oil derrick!

Reader Wil said...

Great collage! We have a singer called Lee Towers! I suppose it's his nickname as Towers is not a Dutch word. We say "torens"( plural for "toren")