Thursday 2 February 2012

Groundhog Day!

I'd nearly forgotten. We don't have many around here. Too much swamp. Otty Lake nearby is only 80' deep! 
This one didn't make it across our busy highway.

This one did!
'Otty Lake', must be something to do with otters. This is what their tracks look like, this from a walk in the woods.


Kay L. Davies said...

We forgot, too. I wonder what the groundhog saw.

Red said...

At least 30 year ago since I saw a groundhog round here. I don't think they were ever that common. Great that you still have some groundhogs.

Kay said...

How very sad. I guess groundhogs must not move fast enough to cross traffic. I do love otters. I don't think I've seen either in the wild.