Thursday, 2 February 2012

Broken water mains in Ottawa

People are complaining in Ottawa about an increase in the money they pay for water and needed replacement of water mains. Yet, the damage to homes, the mess, and the costs to repair them are atrocious.

With aging cities, people are facing flooded basement.

It is so important to replace, rather than repair the system. It is the cost of having water. It distinguishes us from undeveloped countries.

Joanne Chianello: Ottawa’s frugality in the ’90s is haunting us now
Your frugal, election-winning ways of the 1990s are going to cost us a 74-per cent increase in our water and sewer bills over the next decade.
Maybe you just didn’t know back then what we know now about infrastructure renewal. Maybe you didn’t realize that century-old water mains and sewer systems needed to be upgraded when you approved zero or negative rate increases for seven years in a row, twice rolling back water and sewer rates by three per cent.

A $2.1-billion plan to repair Ottawa’s crumbling water and sewer pipes might not be aggressive enough, says veteran councillor and infrastructure wonk Peter Hume.Hume was reacting to a 10-year plan presented Tuesday by the city’s environmental services manager and its treasurer. To pay for the list of big-money projects they propose, the city would hike water and sewer rates 74 per cent over 10 years, borrow $460 million, and still have a $600-million to-do list left over.

We are on well and septic and when power fails, the well pump doesn't run and we have no water. I know what it is like!
That includes no flushing as the pump to send the water to the septic system doesn't run!

This street in Bells Corners had two broken water mains this winter. While my granddaughter was thrilled with the big trucks and the holes, paying for these workers to be digging and repairing mid-winter, at night, all night, in the dark, doesn't make economic sense.

Many keep demanding lowered taxes, yet the federal reduction of GST, and the tax breaks for big business, municipal cuts, reveal an electorate reluctant to put money into ensuring that we care for our people and the infrastructure that support them.

For my fans of big trucks, and tools, here is a short walk to see the big hole the workers were digging December 26, 2011. My garbage truck video has had 2367 views!


I happened to be visiting the grandkids at the time!

Installation of a hydro pole at a Habitat build:

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Reader Wil said...

Well it's terribly annoying to have problems with the water supply. My daughter in Australia was also dealing with a broken pump several years ago. We had to wash ourselves with a little bit of water in a bucket. We had a party when the pump was repaired!