Sunday 26 February 2012

CBC: Twitter, Social media networking isn't news. Just sayin'

What is amazing is that we hear CBC journalists spending so much time on tweets, rather than on reporting news. In the time that they tweet, they could be writing or recording a real story.
Now, I'm gainfully unemployed, but surely employers don't want employees sitting all day on their Crackberries, do they?
Our family had a big discussions about this last weekend!
I wanted to save these tweets, as I find it bizarre how CBC seems to be promoting tweeting, as long as you agree with them. Twitter is a for-profit business, why are they using it willy-nilly?

Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@jpappone Social media networking isn't news. Well said. It is irritating.
8 Feb

Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@jpappone 2 much crackberry gazing, reading tweets, rather than reporting real news!  @RobynBresnahan #getalife
8 Feb
Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
Exactly! If @johnhancockcbc really doesn't feel comfortable with@twitter why peer pressure him 2 it? @RobynBresnahan@StuMillsCBC #bullying

Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
Despite CBC asking for twitter feedback, amazing how one is forbidden from disagreeing! Bugging an on-air host to join Twitter...

8 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@jpappone @OttawaMorning Funny how CBC can block when disagree! twitter_discourse #opinion #feedback #beenbullied @work

I'm confused,  &  criticize on  but don't get blocked? Why me ?

Jennifer Salahub ‏ @jennifersalahub
Missed 1st 1/2, but 2nd 1/2 =patriarchal, fear-mongering infomercial masquerading as human interest story. @RobynBresnahan@cbcottawamorning

24 Feb Jennifer Salahub ‏ @jennifersalahub
Cannot BELIEVE you are giving airtime 2 these disposable toilet seat cover people, @cbcottawamorning, @RobynBresnahan is this journalism?Ugh

23hJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
I've been blocked, too. SM 4 select few @jpappone @jennifersalahub@ottarosson @OttawaMorning but don't get blocked? Why me@CBCOmbudsman?
The Ottawa Ross ‏ @ottaross
@jennjilks too much poor judgement. Self-focus and unwillingness to ask the tough questions often pops up as a prob it seems.
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26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@ottaross Yes, @OttawaMorning is turning into bad AM radio, not targeted to middle-aged, despite being large part of aud., trite interviews
In reply to The Ottawa Ross

26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
R these producers, trying to be cool? I'm not their demogr@ottaross prob her producers that pick the topic. enthusiasm for brutality is sad
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26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@ottaross I was offended with talk of tampons, farting during the Valentines-gone-wrong show. Since I missed it, what is MMA?
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26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
I turned her off, esp. after she blocked me for contrib. opinion@ottaross robynbresnahan radio turned off at the constant promotion of MMA.


Kay L. Davies said...

I want the CBC to demand Don Cherry and Ron MacLean start tweeting, and hear what Cherry says to that. "You want me to sit in a tree twittering like some blankety-bank little girl bird?"
How can the CBC demand journalists to demean themselves?

Red said...

I do find that our local daily does use twitter in a practical way. last night they had an accident report which was ahead of paper delivery by 12 hours.

Linda said...

I have turned a deaf ear to the reporters "tweets"...find them annoying! I tried Twitter...found it not something I wanted to spend my time doing...

Jenn Jilks said...

It's true, Red. It is perfect for breaking news, but I get that emailed to my mailbox!

I love it, Kay, you're a hoot! :-)

Jenn Jilks said...

Linda, even my adult, geek children find the same. How can there be discourse in 140 characters?
Many of us cannot read the comments sections in many newspapers on-line. Such trite, rudeness.